Field Work

Deya is always looking for reliable and honest field-workers to help us deliver and organise distributions.

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Delivery contractors are recruited by our Team Leaders to deliver books in their local area. On average, a deliverer will deliver about 1000 books...

Team Leaders

Our Local Organisers, we call them Team Leaders, organise the delivery of a book in a local area of about 30,000 customers...


Routecheckers are based at home and phone customers to ensure they have received delivery of their book or catalogue...

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Van Teams

Van teams are used for delivery in city centre areas and where we may be having difficulty recruiting delivery contractors...


Our Loaders and Car Park Supervisors organise and assist with the loading of directories at our distribution sites...


Deya is an established small and friendly company of around 20 staff offering specialised directory and catalogue distribution services to major U.K. PLCs. We offer a comfortable working environment in a converted clockhouse. All staff are given the necessary training, guidance, and support in their role, and encouraged to work on their own initiative.

At present, there are no vacancies at our Wokingham Offices. We thank you for your interest - please check back in the future.